The body achieves what the mind believes

Think Different. Eat Different. Look Different.

Revolutionary new approach to lose weight and get in shape




Traditional weight loss programs yield limited results because they focus solely on exercise and the food we put in our body.

Be Slim Training takes you to your core to uncover and remove the actual reasons why you struggle to lose weight, giving you painless control over the slim factors: what you think, how you feel and the food you eat. 

The result is not only permanent lost weight but a transformed body —and a renewed vigor for life. All without the struggles of hunger pangs and excessively working out.


You can 

Learn the Slim Factors

Lasting behavioral changes to create a healthy you

Master food discipline

Permanent motivation to lose weight

Increase endurance and satiety

Feel better losing weight and eating less

Lose belly fat


Change how you see yourself

Have that hot bod everyone thinks you workout at the gym

for hours for!

Live your best life, starting now! 

Becoming the best version of yourself

is as simple as 1, 2, 3

1 . Be Slim Training

Learn how to stop food cravings in their tracks. Train your body to love eating less and become slim. All without the struggles of hunger pangs and excessive working out.

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2 . Food Diaries

3. Private Coaching Sessions

Want to be coached, inspired and supported on your transformation journey?

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2 . Food Diaries

Discover the Slim Factors 

See yourself in a new light

Lose all the weight you want 

Feel better physically, mentally and emotionally

Have true joy, fulfillment and passion in your life

Join the Be Slim Training Movement
Transform your body and life

When I first met Juhl, I was 30 pounds overweight. I liked how genuine and fun she was and I noticed there was something different about her – that she was slender and fit but always seemed to enjoy what she ate. And she was really easy to talk to. I really wanted to lose weight, so I asked Juhl what her secret was. She explained her system of eating – how she’d lost so much weight and trained her body to be slim. I followed what she told me and within about 3 months the weight was gone. It was so simple that today, six years later, I still eat this way. I’ve never had an issue with my weight again. The funny thing is, now all my friends ask me how I stay so slim, look so amazing and have so much energy. Thanks, Juhl! Friends for life!

Andrea Van Dell

I gained 20 pounds from covid lockdown and didn’t know what to do. Juhl showed me how to eat so that I can lose the weight. This way of eating makes sense. I’ve been losing weight and am learning to stay on the plan and know I’ll be successful.

Katia R.

Don’t miss this opportunity to lose the weight and train your body to be slim

The sooner you start the sooner you will be done! 


Discover the New You

Embrace who you were always meant to be:

Healthy, happy, light and naturally fit



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